Patricia charmoille et monture Face & CieA designer with an excellent track record

Patricia Charmoille had been working as an optician for 25 years when she decided to cross the divide separating retailers from designers and to develop her own collection of customizable eyewear.

After a year of technological and artistic research, the Zenka concept was introduced at Silmo 2001, where it immediately nominated for a Silmo Gold Award in the “technological innovating” category, leading to unexpected international success and a creative recognition which continues to this day…

As a result of this success, in 2011 she launched Themata, an original collection pf watches with interchangeable straps, confirming her status as a designer with a difference.

An eclectic style

Zenka's focus is the world of fashion, and it's from here that this woman, who is passionate about both art and design, draws her inspiration. The designer has made it her mission to reflect all fashion trends in her eyewear. Surrounded by a creative team, Patricia Charmoille imbues her collections with an inventive, colourful, unique and fun style.

A passionate team

Artistic direction : Patricia    -    Designers : Anne, Éric, Barbara, Pierre    -    Graphic designer : Chloé    -    Photographer : Lionel

A French manufacturing VIDEO

Located in the heart of the Franche-Comté, the company entrusts its production entirely to local manufacturers.

A wide target

Zenka eyewear is aimed at all women and children keen to personalize their glasses.

A distinctive positioning

Life is all about change ! Applauded and marketed all over the world, every Zenka design can be customized. The opticians who sell them are united by a common goal : the desire to stand out from the crowd.